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The HOLC Maps:  How Race and Poverty Influenced Real Estate Professionals' Evaluation of Lending Risk in the 1930s, with Price Fishback, Allison Shertzer, and Randall P. Walsh.  NBER Working Paper 28146, October 2021. Accepted, Journal of Economic History.  *Featured in The New York Times (September 29th, 2021)

The Effect of "Failed" Community Mental Health Centers on Non-White Mortality, with Mallory Avery. Health Economics (2023): 1-32, formerly circulated as "The Mortality Effects of Community Mental Health Centers"

Matching Pell Grants: Implications for College Debt and Parental Transfers, with Patricia Beeson, Daniele Coen-Pirani and Marla Ripoll, forthcoming at American Economic Association Papers & Proceedings [Appendix]

Essays about Race, Discrimination, and Inequality, The Journal of Economic History, 81(2), 2021, pp. 577–614. (non-peer reviewed dissertation summary) 

Working Papers

The Long-Run Implications of Slum Clearance: A Neighborhood Analysis  

Racial Disparities in Debt Collection, with Domonkos Vamossy

Works in Progress

The Short and Long Run Effects of Black Strikebreakers on Racial Inequalities, with Ethan Schmick

Hedonic Housing Index during the Great Depression, with Price Fishback and Trevor M. Kollmann

The Effect of Community Mental Health Centers on Labor Market Outcomes, with Mallory Avery 

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